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Utility enclosures are essential to protecting vital equipment by providing shelter from harsh weather events while also offering the ability for climate control. Utility enclosures extend the life of critical equipment while also preventing system failures caused by environmental conditions.

While KPS Global is well known for insulated panels and walk-in coolers and freezers, KPSG also creates custom utility and equipment enclosures specifically designed to protect critical equipment and protect resources.

What are Utility Enclosures?

Simply put, utility enclosures are shelters that provide a complete, multi-directional barrier from the outside environment, protecting vital equipment from the elements to minimize downtime, reduce equipment maintenance needs, and extend the life of critical.

Utility enclosures can be used for a variety of purposes.  Often used to house critical backup generators, electrical equipment, IT infrastructure, or other sensitive instrumentation, utility enclosures are widely used across numerous industries.  The ability to shelter vital equipment in remote locations, hard to reach areas, or when existing building space is limited make utility enclosures an attractive solution for many business purposes.

Design Considerations for Utility Enclosures

While the general purpose of utility enclosures is the same, there are a number of factors that can shape the design.  When planning to implement an equipment enclosure solution, here are some key things to consider:

  • Environment – Where will the utility enclosure be located and what weather is typical for the area? Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors can vary greatly and affect the design of the enclosure.1
  • Enclosed Equipment – The enclosure should be tailored to the equipment it is designed to protect and the particular location. In some cases, noise insulation is required for louder equipment in populated areas or an integrated cooling system for data centers.
  • Construction Technique – Depending on the intended location of the enclosure, different construction methods may be necessary in order to implement the enclosure solution. While some enclosures can be delivered in a fully assembled state, others may need to be constructed on site.

KPSG Equipment and Utility Enclosure Solutions

KPS Global understands the unique requirements that go into a utility enclosure.  With a collaborative and customer-focused approach to developing equipment enclosure solutions, KPSG’s in-house team of designers and engineers  work to develop optimized solutions customized specifically to each unique application.

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