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Podcast: Applications of Equipment Enclosures

Applications of Equipment Enclosures

Kevin Piel, Director of Business Development for KPS Global, joins a podcast to expand upon the applications of equipment enclosures and how the insulated panels protect sensitive machinery. Piel points out that many of the equipment enclosures (wind farms, electrical distribution centers or oil and gas production) are in remote locations. KPS Global’s equipment enclosures protect the sensitive equipment against harsh conditions and avoid the elements that Mother Nature presents.

Enclosures are crucial to protecting these machines and equipment from the wear and to prevent failure. The insulated panels provide flexible, energy efficient solutions that can fit the unique contours of specific equipment they are protecting. Because of these specific needs, KPS Global panels are modular, making shipping to even the most remote areas possible.
KPS Global is able to design equipment enclosures to meet the various environmental conditions they will be exposed to including any aesthetic requirement that may be imposed by local municipalities.

No matter the environment, be it desert, forest, mountain or in an urban city, KPS Global has the enclosure to blend into its surroundings, making it the invisible heroes of energy infrastructure. To learn more about how KPS Global can help design custom solutions for equipment enclosures, contact [email protected]

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