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Building Quality Walk-In Coolers is Focus at KPS Global

Quality Team Members

When building quality walk-in coolers, KPS Global considers the quality of both our processes and the finished product the No. 1 priority. In fact, KPSG has spent a great amount of time looking inward to create internal processes that are reflected in the products we make.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a trio of employees who help ensure that standard of quality is met each and every day – Quality Administrator Darnel Reed, Quality Control Lead Chris Martinez and Senior Quality Data Analyst Dana Piland.

Quality is the “Backbone” of KPSG

For Darnel, quality is an area that affects every part of an organization and should be treated as the “backbone of any business.”

Darnel said KPSG’s success is ultimately reliant on the quality of the product produced, both tangible good and products and the service, relations and behind-the-scenes intangibles that need to be taken care of every day.

This attention to quality, Darnel said, results in a satisfaction that makes him enjoy his job even more.

“Knowing and seeing actions that were implemented for the company is always a rewarding feeling,” he said. “It changes the idea of, ‘I work there,’ to, ‘I assist in driving the course of the business.’”

Dana and the Constant Desire to Improve

Dana Piland, Senior Quality Data Analyst, knows regardless of how well something seems to be functioning, odds are that it can continue to be improved.

In her position, Dana analyzes data and trends to help departments look inward and find opportunities to continually improve.

This never-ending desire to better the company, Dana said, is rewarding.

“I want to make sure our customer is happy with our product and their impression of us is positive,” she said.

Chris’ Role in Assuring Quality

Chris is the heart of the Quality Control Team in Fort Worth and is the last line of defense ensuring our panels are made to specifications prior to leaving the plant. He understands that the quality of the product we manufacture is how we will continue to grow as a company.

He has a Greenbelt Certification and is a member of the Manufacturing R.A.I.L. team, which ensures our plants perform best practices when assembling panels. Chris also oversees the Quality Inspectors in the Fort Wort plant and regularly does quality process audits on each task performed by manufacturing and shipping.

He noted “from his experience in manufacturing, I have an appreciation for understanding all the working parts and processes that go into making a product. It has made me a better employee in that i can add value in more ways than just doing one thing on the production line.”

Key Cogs in the Machine

Darnel, Chris and Dana, like all our employees, are committed to quality.

Without them and employees like them, it would be impossible to deliver the kind of quality product that we pride ourselves on.

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