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What To Expect When Receiving Panels From KPS Global


Discover KPS Globals job site process as panels are delivered. From preparing the job site to inventory management and even the crucial role of screed, this blog provides valuable insights into how we ensure a streamlined construction process beginning with our panels being delivered.

Job Site Preparedness

Before panels arrive, the team of installers prepare the job site with chalk lines outlining where panels will be placed. Starting with precise measurements and verification, the team lays the foundation for a seamless building process, ensuring installation accuracy from the very beginning.

Inventory Panels

Once moved from the trucks onto the job site our team of installers conducts a detailed inventory check, meticulously cross-referencing the panel skid list with blueprints and bill of material lists to ensure all items are accounted for.


Before installation begins, screed is installed where necessary to serve as a nailing base for the panels ensuring they are secured properly to the floor. The installation of screed involves pieces of wood being bolted to the floor to maintain panel alignment throughout construction. Screed is an often-overlooked element but plays a crucial role achieving precise placement of the panels during in the installation process.

How Your Panels Should Arrive

Prior to arriving panels have been wrapped with our UV orbital wrapper and tarped for proper protection during transit.


To ensure efficient unpacking of panels KPS Global utilizes a stack to build packing process. Our stack to build approach minimizes hassle, ensuring the first required panel is conveniently placed on top, and so on, streamlining the construction process. 

UV Wrapping And Storage

For some projects, panels must be stored before installation begins. It’s important to note that while the UV wrapping is designed to protect panels during transit, the protective wrapping is not waterproof, therefore panels should not be stored outside. Panels stored outside are susceptible to potential issues such as mold, mildew and other damage as water becomes trapped inside the protective wrapper. To ensure a smooth installation all panels should be stored in-doors upon delivery.

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