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KPS Global Announces Orbital Wrapper Implementation

orbital wrapper

KPS Global® has recently begun using an orbital wrapping machine in our manufacturing locations. Manual stretch wrap methods may be acceptable for low volume use, but when a manufacturer wants a quality process for high volume applications, orbital wrappers are the answer.

How an Orbital Wrapper Works

A simple stretch wrapping machine uses a turntable to manually dispense stretch wrap. Orbital wrappers, on the other hand, rotate the film vertically around the items being wrapped, as well as the pallet upon which they sit while it remains on a forklift. The pallet can be positioned anywhere within the orbital wrapper. Large orbital wrappers, such as those used at KPSG, work with all types of equipment and can accommodate a wide variety of load sizes and configurations.

Benefits of an Orbital Wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapping machines are ideal for securing oversized, oddly shaped and palletized loads. Wrapping pallets by hand prior to shipping usually requires multiple employees, making it a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, typically taking 10 minutes to accomplish. However, using a stretch wrapping rotary machine to wrap a similar load, the load itself remains stationary while the wrapping mechanism moves, requiring only a single worker and taking only one minute to complete. These machines also eliminate the need for operators to attach the film tail to the load manually, then cut and secure the film tail at the end of the cycle. As a result, these systems reduce labor costs while increasing throughput speeds dramatically. Best of all, the orbital wrapper wraps packages consistently and securely. Once the load is tightly wrapped to the pallet, its ability to shift, fall, or slide is significantly reduced, minimizing the possibility of damage in transit. A better wrap also provides a watertight, UV barrier.

KPSG Using Orbital Wrappers at All Our Facilities

KPSG implemented an orbital wrapper at our Fort Worth location and was so pleased with the benefits realized in the shipping of our insulated panels at our Texas facility that we are implementing them at our other locations as well. The orbital wrapper increases productivity, improves the consistency of panel packaging and creates a much tighter bond, reducing possible damage during shipping by providing a more stable platform for our panels.

Using equipment like orbital wrappers to streamline our shipping process while providing added protection to our products while in transit to you is just one way that KPS Global® continues to ensure our status as an industry-leading manufacturer of insulated panel systems. Our panel systems are highly adaptable for applications in convenience and grocery stores, foodservice, big box retailers, as well as scientific, warehouse and industrial enclosures. To find out more, click here.

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