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Top Ten Tips To Prepare For Walk-In Installation

KPS Global Panel Installation

We often get questions when it comes to the installation process of our insulated panel systems for walk-ins. We have devised a three-part series where we address frequently asked questions to ensure a smooth and efficient walk-in installation process.

The first in this series we talk specifically about what happens when you receive walk-in panels from KPS Global, and how to prepare with setting up the job site for proper installation. Please note that deliveries from KPS Global should be inventoried within 48 hours of receiving. After 48 hours, KPS Global no longer accepts claims for missing or damaged items.

1.What To Do If Your Crate or Walk-in Panels Are Damaged

If there is visible damage to the crate or walk-in panels, you should immediately file a “claim of damaged goods” with the carrier and note the damage on the freight bill of landing if the material is not being refused. Make sure to take photos while the material is still on the truck as this will confirm the damage was done before the panels arrived onsite.

2.What Steps To Take If There Are Missing or Damaged Walk-In Panels or Components

If the walk-in panels or components are damaged or missing, you should immediately notify KPS Global and provide pictures of the damage. You will also need to take inventory of all damaged items, then make a list of damaged and/or missing material. Provide this list to KPS Global so that they can order replacements or material to repair the damage. They will also be able to ensure all missing items are delivered to the site.

3.What To Do If Labels Are Missing From The Walk-In Panels

If any labels are missing from the walk-in panels, you should contact KPS Global immediately to report this issue and identify what panels are on the BOM attached to the skid.

4.How To Properly Store Walk-In Panels

Upon arrival, walk-in panels should be stored in a dry, low-traffic area or inside the building. It is always good practice to check with the General Contractor to see where panels can be stored if you are unsure as certain sites may have a designated laydown area for panels. For more information about why check out our video, What To Expect When Receiving Panels From KPS Global.

5.How To Prepare For Installation Of Walk-In Panels

Before laying out the box or assembling any panels, you should take inventory within 48 hours of receiving panels and components to ensure there is no damage or items missing. Please follow the steps outlined earlier if either of these circumstances occurs. It’s also recommended to confirm the location of the box(es) to be built. Once evaluated, you should prep the area by cleaning the building floor of all debris, inspecting the thermal break for damage, and checking the surface for levelness. At this point, you will be ready to chalk the outline of the box.

6.Why Is It Important To Check Floors For Levelness Before Installing Walk-In Panels

Checking the levelness of the building floor is important as it can save installation time and ensure proper box sealing. If the flooring difference exceeds ¼”, the walk-in will not be able to be installed until the problem is rectified.

7.What Is The 3,4,5 Rule Of Squaring And Why Is It Important for Installing Walk-In Panels

The 3,4,5 rule of squaring is used to ensure that the perimeter lines of the walk-in are square and parallel. To understand better how to perform this method, watch our instructional tutorial on How To Square A Box With The 3,4,5 Triangle

8.How To Establish The Perimeter Line Of Walk-In Panels Before Installation

To establish the perimeter lines of walk-in panels, you should use a chalk line and the supplied assembly drawing as a guide. The General Contractor will also have the construction drawings that should be utilized.

Blue chalk outline on concrete floor to create a square corner during panel installation

9.What Happens If The Floor, Floor Screed And Wall(s) Are Not Leveled Properly Before Installing Walk-In Panels

If the floor, floor screed, and wall(s) are not leveled properly, this can cause misalignment of wall and ceiling panels, leading to installation and door operation issues. When installing wall panels that aren’t level, saw toothing (where one wall is higher than the other) is likely to occur. This could lead to sealing problems and air leaks within the walk-in. To learn more watch our video, Ensuring Your Panels Are Level.

10. What To Do If The Installation Location Of The Walk-In Is Uneven?

The high point of the perimeter line should be located, and the floor and walls should be leveled to that point. Either the onsite coordinator or KPS Global should be contacted to determine if shimming the panels is an option. If the floor is greater than ¼” over 10 feet, the General Contractor needs to take corrective action.

For more of our tips and tricks on installing walk-in panels or other applications check out our resource videos. For any assistance or if you require additional information, contact us today.

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