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Signs Your Walk-in Cooler Needs Repair – What to Watch For

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With over 660,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone, a walk-in cooler plays a critical role in the restaurant industry. Walk-in coolers or freezers are the heart and soul of a professional kitchen as it can keep food at temp for maximum quality and safety, so it’s no surprise that conducting regular maintenance is a must. With that in mind, knowing the warning signs that reveal your walk-in cooler is in need of repair can save you from alot of headaches.

Tell-Tale Signs Your Walk-In Cooler Needs Repair

Problematic Condenser and Inconsistent Temperature

Walk-in coolers use condensers to keep the unit in the optimal temperature. A unit that makes loud or unusual noises is a sign that there may be trouble brewing on the horizon.

The situation is worse if the temperature is fluctuating as it can compromise perishable foods. Unstable temperatures can spoil your ingredients, which can compromise the health of your customers and put your operation at risk.

Water Leakage

Another tell-tale sign that you need to call a professional repair company is when you notice puddles or ice on or near your walk-in units. One of the primary culprits behind water leakage is a problem with the inner sealing of the door.

This can let out moisture and even boost your utility bills as the units are forced to work harder as it loses cold air. Even if it doesn’t affect the unit’s ability to maintain the right temperature, leaving this issue unchecked can increase the chances of mold contamination building up inside the walk-in cooler.

In Conclusion: Keeping Your Walk-In Cooler Up-to-Date Ensures its Efficiency for the Long Run

Walk-in freezers or walk-in coolers are a fundamental part of the daily function of a catering and restaurant business, so even the smallest damage to the units can become a recipe for disaster in your professional kitchen.

With that in mind, knowing the common problems can help you identify whether you need to repair or replace your walk-in coolers. If you need after-market parts or replacement panels, let us help you.

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