Updated November 2020

Are you wondering if you should repair a walk-in or have it replaced entirely? This is a common question and given the fact that walk-ins are likely one of your most expensive pieces of equipment, you want to make the right decision.

Below are some factors to consider when deciding between replacing or repairing your walk-in.

Reasons to Replace a Walk-in

Here are some situations where it is appropriate to consider replacing a walk-in:

  • The panel joints are opening up
  • Panel skins are delaminating, skins are loose to the touch and/or have bubbles
  • Panel walls are bowing, or ceiling is bowing/caving in
  • Existing panels may have low R-value or are not meeting current energy codes
  • The skins have areas with holes exposing the core foam due to corrosion or physical damage. This can allow moisture to enter the panel and reduce the R-value
  • The freezer floor is heaving due to water getting under the walk-in and freezing
  • Exterior panel joints are sweating. In some ambient conditions the combination of temperature and high humidity is such that having wood-framed panels or inadequate R-value can be the cause. It will be beneficial to move to a frame type and/or thicker panels that are designed to operate in those kinds of conditions.

These are all conditions in which it makes sense to replace the walk-in cooler or freezer as you are more than likely experiencing a decrease in performance with them present.

When it makes sense to repair a walk-in

The following are situations where it probably makes sense to have the walk-in repaired instead of replacing the walk-in.

  • The door is not closing. Simply adjusting or replacing the door hardware should address the issue.
  • If you are seeing condensation or ice forming on the door frame of a walk-in freezer. Either a replacement door heater or checking the connections to the door heater could be the solution
  • Ice forming on interior surfaces could just require an adjustment or repair to the refrigeration equipment
  • Recent damage to a panel(s) may only require a patch or replacement of only the affected panels
  • White rust or slight corrosion could be addressed with reskinning the interior with Thermal Liner panels


Your commercial walk-in cooler requires routine maintenance. Preventative maintenance is important, and it should be done monthly if possible. KPS Global shared some of the checks you should perform regularly.


Deciding between replacing or repairing a commercial fridge can be a bit daunting. The good news is, all you need to do is know the important factors to consider, such as the ones we have listed above. From there, you will be able to come up with a pragmatic decision.

At KPS Global, we’re a supplier of custom walk-in coolers and other aftermarket parts.

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