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KPS Global® to Launch Product Designed for eCommerce Grocery Fulfillment

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KPS Global (KPSG) is excited to announce the launch of a new product designed to meet the cold storage needs of retailers in eCommerce Grocery fulfillment.

A recent study by the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen predicted that 70% of consumers will be grocery shopping online by 2024. As more consumers adopt home delivery, online grocery pickup, click-n-collect, and other convenient delivery options, retailers must have efficient ways to store perishable items from the time they are picked to when they make it into the hands of the consumer, where pickup windows vary from 1 hour to 18 hours. The demand for convenient delivery is on the rise. Retailers are tackling grocery purchasing from all angles including store pickup (either towers or curbside) or offsite lockers to home delivery.

The Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) Box from KPS Global is designed to be fast, flexible and efficient in the holding period of groceries purchased via eCommerce. With short lead times, this new product offering meets the needs of retailers looking to outfit locations with cold storage to prepare for online grocery pickup or expand their fulfillment operation. The footprint for the OGP Box is smaller than traditional refrigerated and frozen cases, yet offers 25% more capacity with an additional two bins per door. When you multiply this across several cases, you will need fewer units and the retailer can be up and running faster. Lead times with KPS Global are 3-4 weeks year-round as we are able to leverage five, strategically located manufacturing plants across the country.

“Our OGP offerings can be placed indoors or outdoors giving retailers flexibility to optimize an online grocery area in a store” said KPSG CEO Mike Eakins. “As shopping habits evolve, it is more critical that retailers maintain the integrity and safety of products with high quality, reliable equipment and technologies.”

About KPS Global

KPS Global is an expert in climate control solutions for various retail formats, including e-commerce for grocery. The company understands how to integrate different temperature levels into a space. In-house design and engineering teams are able to meet project specifications, and retailers are able to leverage the company’s knowledge and experience to solve the challenging cold storage requirements online grocery pickup (OGP) presents. With five strategically-located manufacturing facilities located across the country, KPSG has the scale and capacity to execute OGP programs. The company was formed in December 2015 by D Cubed Group LLC through the acquisition of Kysor Panel Systems from Manitowoc Company, Inc. and the Hill Phoenix Walk-ins Division from Dover Corporation. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, KPS Global is a privately-held company with more than 825 employees.

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