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KPS Global Offers Insulated Panels for Unusual Uses

Blueprint of walk-in coolers and freezers and aftermarket parts

You know you can rely on KPS Global’s walk-in cooler and freezer solutions for cold, but did you know that our walk-ins can serve a variety of unique and unusual purposes that don’t necessarily need cold?

In fact, if you’ve got a unique need for a walk-in space, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to work alongside you to meet it. That’s our core vision – helping our customers succeed and grow, no matter what unusual use for a walk-in cooler makes that happen.

Let’s explore a few examples of times we’ve stepped outside the box.

Amon Carter Museum Trusts Insulated Panel Solution with Priceless Documents
At Fort Worth, Texas’s Amon Carter Museum of American Art, a custom-built storage chamber made by KPS Global houses priceless photographs in an environment that will preserve their original quality.

KPSG worked with Scientific Climate Systems to design the solution, which comes complete with panels carefully measured to ensure they could fit in the elevator designed to take them to their final location.

This flexibility, combined with the climate-controlled nature of the final solution, empowered the Museum to be confident in its storage preservation capabilities.

Automobile Test Chambers
Specific conditions must be met to accurately test automobiles under a variety of conditions, and KPS Global is proud to supply insulated panels that help facilitate that testing.

Our panel systems provide a cost-effective solution for maintaining a stable environment and for controlling temperature and humidity settings. Automobile manufacturers need to know how their vehicles will perform under very specific conditions, and our easy-to-assemble solutions make that possible.

Taylor Guitars Hits the Right Note with a KPS Global Solution
Taylor Guitars is known the world over for producing quality musical instruments – but preparing them for manufacturing is where KPS Global comes in.
Moisture from harvested wood is the enemy of well-made guitars. KPS Global walk-ins are used to create warm, humid environments, acting as a “kiln” to dry out the wood.

Live Fire Training Goes Modular
Finally, KPSG’s panels have found a use for an unusual application – live fire training.
When conducting live fire training, a need structures that can be placed and configured on large plots of land and offer as realistic an environment as possible is key for instruction.

To learn more about how KPSG can find a unique solution to match your unique challenge, contact us today.

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