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Everyone promises a short lead time, but when they don’t deliver, your business suffers. You expect to get your design turned into a product within a certain amount of time, and when that doesn’t happen, you lose time, money, and customers. You have your own deadlines, and now those must be delayed because someone didn’t deliver.

KPS Global learned long ago that the best way to be successful is to deliver product on time, operate in a fashion that makes the customers lives easier, and provide exceptional service. KPS Global is proud to consistently offer the shortest lead times in the industry year-round. A three-week lead time is simply routine! Capacity within our plants and manufacturing flexibility allows us to be agile when customers’ needs change and to deliver product on time, unlike competitors that can take anywhere from eight to ten weeks during peak summer months.

KPS Global invests where it matters. We currently operate over 725,000 combined square feet of manufacturing space. Coast-to-coast, five manufacturing facilities are strategically located to expedite delivery, shrink freight costs, and minimize redundancy of manufacturing operations. These robust capabilities allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers, whatever their project needs may be.

Working with a manufacturer that is agile and available to meet lead times is a major advantage for your business. That means there’s no uncertainty in your processes or plans. And when you depend on a partner to manufacturer products, you need to have confidence in their lead times. With KPS Global, you don’t have to worry that we will over-promise and under-deliver. We have the flexibility and capacity to meet your deadlines – it’s part of our DNA.

Think about it. How often are you waiting for products during peak times? How does that impact your business? Are you losing time and money? Customers? At KPS Global, the customer comes first. That customer’s success is our success. When customer needs change, the experience and expertise of KPS Global staff makes it easier to plan and deliver product on time, the strategic placement of KPS Global manufacturing facilities also allows for delivery to any U.S. location quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about KPS Global products and how we can deliver them to you on time every time, visit our website today!


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