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Is a Quick Ship Walk-In Right for you?

Quick ship walk-in

KPS Global offers quick ship walk-ins, which are commonly-sized walk-in coolers and freezers. How do you know if a quick ship walk-in is the right solution for you?

If you are in search of a NSF-certified, single compartment box in these standard sizes: 6’x6′, 6’x8′, 6’x10′ or 8’x8′ then the quick ship walk-in program could be right for you. Restaurants, bakeries, bars, breweries and businesses that depend on smaller, standard-sized walk-in coolers or freezers are available to ship within 72 hours. The quick ship walk-ins come with a 3’x6′ flushmount door and a pre-sized refrigeration option is available.  Quick-ship walk-ins are intended for indoor use.  Whether you are opening a new location or a disaster created a need for a fast replacement or a temporary walk-in, KPS Global quick ship program is right for you.

If you have a need for a larger walk-in cooler or freezer or you have to design the walk-in to fit into a specific space then a custom solution is the route you will want to take. KPS Global has a dedicated group of designers, engineers and customer service teams that are available to support your custom needs. The teams deep industry experience allows you to leverage their knowledge and provide you with the solutions to meet your needs.

Feedback from customers indicated there was a need for standard sized boxes with shorter lead times to supplement the custom solutions KPS Global has grown accustomed to building. Sean McGrann, KPSG senior vice president of sales and marketing said, “We take great pride in being an industry leader in custom walk-ins and will continue to provide custom panel systems. However, we realize sometimes our customers need a quicker turnaround. Or, perhaps they only have space to accommodate a standard-size box. In both cases, they need a reliable, fast and cost-effective option. This program allow us to serve these types of customers within 48 hours.”

We are excited to offer both solutions to customers. If you have any questions about the quick ship walk-in program, we are here to help: [email protected] or call any of our knowledgeable specialists at 800.633.3426.

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