KPS Global is committed to driving innovation and thinking out of the box when it comes to an industry that hasn’t seen dramatic change in over 30 years. As the industry-leading manufacturer of insulated panels, KPSG is the expert in cold storage and environmentally controlled rooms. The company’s experienced in-house designer and engineers work hand in hand with Research & Development as well as our manufacturing teams to iterate on ideas and better ways to do things. “KPSG is changing that. In just 18 short months, we’ve launched several cutting-edge products, including FUSIONFRAME®️, our patented and award winning cold storage panel system,” said Chris Thompson, Vice President of Innovation.

At a time when the retail space is facing an unprecedented amount of change, Glenn Kaufman, Managing Director of D Cubed, stressed the importance of companies investing in innovative new technologies and offerings. KPS Global®️ is one of a limited number of truly special businesses making an impact in the industry with its game-changing innovations and focus on sustainability.

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