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Case Study: Online Grocery Pickup

online grocery pickup

In this case study, we demonstrate how a large, national retailer optimized its online grocery capacity when it was out of space.

The retailer called KPS Global®, who provided two very different solutions to the same situation.

Case Study 1: Implement an Online Grocery Solution with Limited Space

  • The Challenge: Retailer needed to create an OGP solution to meet demand but had no room in back of house to implement.
  • The Response: Outdoor walk-in cooler was annexed to existing building (70’ long, 25’ wide and 14’ high).
  • The Outcome: Complete OGP customer experience – Implemented in 8 weeks, added square footage as needed.

Case Study 2: Meet Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) Demand with Robotics

  • The Challenge: Retailer was unable to keep up with OGP demand and was out of space
  • The Response: Designed and built cooler/freezer to house robotics system for picking orders (150’ long, 60’ wide and 32’ high).
  • The Outcome: Retailer implemented an entirely new OGP fulfillment system. An operation that previously required 30 people not needs only five. The robotic system can pick a family of four’s groceries in less than five minutes.

To download the case study, click here. To learn more about our customizable OGP solutions, visit our website

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