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Why You Should Invest In Industrial Freezers

industrial freezer

Industrial freezers, like KPS Global’s custom walk-in freezers, play an integral role in supply chain logistics, ensuring contents, from perishable foods to biopharmaceuticals, retain the desired temperature. 

Most recently, the increase in demand for grocery deliveries and recent supply chain disruptions have made consumers and suppliers more aware of the need for increased cold storage to meet demand.

It’s easy to argue that once the pandemic subsides, consumers will revert to in-store food shopping. However, now that consumers have gotten used to buying groceries online, many will continue that practice, as online grocery shopping is here to stay.

It’s fair to assume that coronavirus vaccines and boosters become an ongoing requirement, which will lend to added cold storage demand.

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that investing in industrial freezers will help meet customer demands in the future.

Meeting Business Demand by Expanding Storage Capacity 

Walk-in freezers provide access and ample storage space. Businesses see high stock rotation and need to preserve the integrity of their product

Whether you work within the foodservice, scientific or retail industry, having cold storage is critical. 

Range of Uses
Industrial freezer units are temperature adjustable; therefore, they can be adapted to meet any necessary environmental conditions. Industrial freezer units support a wide range of industries, including the foodservice, scientific and retail sectors.

Built to Spec
Off-the-shelf reach-in freezers may not be able to provide adequate capacity or meet specifications as industrial freezers. Industrial freezers can be constructed with cutting edge technology, including safe-guarding technology and temperature alarms which will alert operators with an audible siren and flashing beacons and allow you to maintain the integrity of your product.
KPS Global — Cold Storage Experts 

Whether your need is an industrial freezer, processing room or storage facility, the KPS Global® engineering services team can design an meet load requirements for project specific needs.

Request a quote, submit a contact form or call 682.317.5341 to get more information about your next industrial freezer.
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