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The Benefits of Using KPS Global Installation Services

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When it comes to the installation of panel systems, customers may consider outsourcing installation rather than using a factory direct installer.  Although, It might seem like a cheaper and easier option, customers may be left disappointed with their installation when the job is complete. Many times, outsourcing installation ends up having complications. Choosing the manufacturer to handle the installation reduces the risk of complications and results in quick and efficient installs. This blog details the key reasons for using KPS Global installation services.

Why Install with KPS Global?

Installation is just as important as the manufacturing itself. Although our products are high quality, incorrect installation can drastically reduce the intended performance and quality of our panels. Below are the following key reasons to use KPSG installation:

1. Our People

KPSG leverages top-notch employees for our install teams. We have a diverse team of estimators, superintendents, and project managers, combining 25-year veterans with new college grads from top-ranked construction science programs, trained in PM best practices. We believe our employees make a crucial difference in our installation process. Additionally, our install team is full of dedicated individuals who go the extra mile to ensure customer projects are installed correctly.

2. Single Point of Contact

We dedicate a single point of contact for you and your project, which allows for a more efficient installation. Our projects are carefully tracked during manufacturing and strategically packaged for easy installation. Thus, eliminating any possible uncertainties when it comes time to install. A single point of contact from manufacturing to installation creates a streamlined installation process.

3. Partner Network

With over 75 years of experience we have developed an excellent partner network. Our partner network is based on long-standing relationships, outstanding safety records, and deep knowledge of our products and services. As a result, we are able to deliver high-quality installation with our own install team and partner network. 

4. Knowledge and Installation Experience

Through thousands of installations, our installation team has developed unmatched expertise and knowledge. Our installation team understands how to safely deal with even the toughest job site conditions. From service calls, field surveys, remodels or new construction, and overnight installs to multimillion-dollar industrial applications, we can help you get it done right. With KPS Global installation, we are in and out of your job site with factory-trained installers who specialize in building KPS Global products safely to spec, as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

Visit our website to learn more about our installation services or contact us today.

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