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Manufacturing in America: A Discussion with KPS Global on MarketScale Mornings

KPS Global COO and SVP discuss manufacturing in america

Last week, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern from MarketScale Mornings welcomed guests from KPS Global (Tom Marcy, COO & Sean McGrann, SVP, Sales and Marketing) for a segment on Manufacturing in America: Insights from the Experts

As a company that has always produced product in the United States, KPS Global never saw offshoring as an attractive option like many other companies. Even though the trend, for many decades, has been moving jobs overseas, there’s reason for optimism. Tom notes, “After seeing years of flat growth, there is a rise in manufacturing in the U.S. with tariffs, labor costs, and other challenges, manufacturing is rebounding. Plus, there’s pride in that made in America label.”

While KPS Global ships large components, it uses their five plants around the country to get products to customers quicker and more cost-effectively. Lead times can be a concern as well, but as Tom said, “If your lead times are contingent on what’s going on in your own backyard versus what’s happening on another continent, then you certainly have more control.”

Watch the entire episode show for more insights (starting at the 09:49) and learn about how KPS Global is managing the dynamics of #manufacturing.

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