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While not obvious to the casual shopper walking down an aisle in their favorite grocery store, getting fresh food from the farm to the customer’s table can be a complex task. Each step along the way presents the potential for issues to occur, which could have disastrous results on food safety. It is important for suppliers along the food supply chain to ensure they are outfitted with the equipment and parts they need to ensure that the product is not threatened along the way. From storage warehouses to the final point-of-sale cooler or freezer displays or back room walk-ins, having a manufacturing and installation partner you can trust is crucial.

That’s why so many have turned to KPS Global®. They have made a name for themselves providing thousands of custom boxes for retail outlets but what many aren’t aware is their ability to work with customer to determine lighting, refrigeration, shelving and other components and accessory needs. KPSG can outfit any unit. Rather than taking a one size fits all approach, KPS Global sets themselves apart by analyzing the unique needs of their customers and utilizing their wide network to find an exact fit for those specifications. Their purchasing power and volume translates to competitive pricing for customers. It also gives you a single point of contact and single purchase order.

Customers can rest assured that the experienced team at KPS Global can help find the perfect solution for their specific needs. Their wide range of doors, both for display and traffic, can be designed to fit industrial or retail settings. For a unique fit, custom built doors and door sections can be ready to ship within a week, no matter the heat sweeps, latches or wiring needed to make the door compatible with prior installations. And with in-house refrigeration experts on hand, KPSG can provide sizing recommendations that match the environmental requirements of a unit.

Perhaps most important is the protection that KPSG can offer not only to your equipment and walk-installations, but to your employees as well. Custom net-barrier systems will prevent workplace accidents from falling and ensure there is no risk to your employees. Meanwhile, bollards and shock absorption elements can help you avoid damage both to your equipment and the concrete flooring around your box.

From design to manufacturing to after-market parts, KPS Global has you covered. Items can be shipped quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.

KPS Global has solutions that ensure cold supply chains remain safe. And with competitive pricing and a single purchase order, they make the process of outfitting walk-ins as pain free as possible. KPS Global offers more than walk-ins! Check out what lighting, shelving, refrigeration or other component products we offer in the image below!

more than walk-ins, KPSG offers shelving, lighting, refrigeration and more