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Defying the Laws of Thermodynamics: Walk-In Freezer Innovations

Walk-in freezer innovations podcast summary

While the laws of thermodynamics haven’t changed, Technical Fellow James Costanza discusses how his patented innovation makes a walk-in freezer more efficient, extends their life and environmentally friendly in the latest podcast with KPS Global.

The biggest challenges facing walk-in freezers today include: conductance, convection, condensation, and radiation but the biggest challenge is condensation. Jim notes condensation is “the single largest issue related to storage of cold storage envelopes.”

So how do engineers battle the ongoing threat of condensation build-up, material deterioration, and mold growth? Understanding thermodynamics and that energy flows from a higher level to lower level of energy.

Jim explains the concept in laymen’s terms, emphasizing how important it is to minimize condensation, particularly in food preparation spaces. The engineering group and manufacturing group at KPSG is defying the laws of thermodynamics by taking the best attributes of wood-framed panels (strength) and marrying them with the thermal properties of foam-framed panels to create FUSIONFRAME®.

The energy savings and reduced carbon footprint are additional benefits to extending the life of walk-ins.

To listen to the podcast, please click here.

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