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custom walk-in solutions
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Most walk-in coolers and freezers require custom specifications to ensure functionality. At KPS Global, our team of talented designers and engineers works regularly with a variety of customers and industries to create custom walk-in solutions that fit specific design parameters.

If your next project requires customization, you’ll want to ensure you are partnering with highly qualified, collaborative experts who handle all the details and can meet the specific needs of your project.

Custom Walk-In Solutions We’ve Delivered

An ice cream shop in Texas, MELT Ice Creams, was looking for a custom walk-in solution that best met their workflow and centralized cold areas. KPS Global teamed together with the owners at MELT to configure their kitchen with a walk-in cooler, freezer, and blast freezer. Mark Seher, owner of the ice creamery, said of his experience working with KPS Global, “We were continually impressed with the responsiveness and knowledge of everyone we encountered.”

After decades of selling walk-ins from multiple manufacturers, AVA, a Texas supplier of environmental and cold storage rooms, began to look for a new walk-in solution. That’s when they tapped KPS Global to be their new supplier. Allan Vorda of AVA said, “One of the first things I noticed was the genuine response from the KPSG factory employees about getting me extremely fast quotes and drawings. Their regional manager flew to Houston where we met, and he listened to what I said regarding all of the features needed to supply Environmental Rooms.” AVA’s change to KPS Global resulted in higher quality products delivered on time, leading to increased overall customer satisfaction and sales for the company.

A grocery store floral department needed a custom walk-in with a near 180-degree display that would provide shoppers with a clear, panoramic view of the arrangements stored within; it also needed accessible storage behind the displays. KPS Global was able to meet this challenge, delivering a walk-in with sleek glass front doors and storage accessibility for quick restocking.

KPS Global’s insulated panels are for more than just cold storage. Their flexible, modular systems have also been employed in live fire training applications. KPS Global worked closely with the customer to build rugged, sustainable shelter units that could be easily assembled and reassembled to mimic real-world scenarios in a variety of reconfigurable structures.

To safeguard important achievements in humanity, securing works of art and historical documents or artifacts from damaging temperatures and humidity is vital. KPS Global collaborated with Scientific Climate Systems and museum staff to create a storage chamber at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. This increased the museum’s storage by one-third, allowing for both the preservation of their existing collection as well as allowing for future growth.

KPS Global Collaborates with Customers to Solve Each Unique Challenge

As an industry leader, KPS Global is uniquely qualified to deliver custom walk-in solutions. Not only are the products delivered by KPS Global of superior quality, but the way in which we work with customers is unparalleled in the industry. We understand the difference that the right team means to a successful project and provide creative solutions to solve any unique or complex walk-in or insulated panel challenge.

Offering collaborative design, innovation and industry expertise, KPS Global has the experience and resources necessary to ensure the best custom walk-in or insulated panel solution, no matter the application. Contact us today to get started.

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