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Can Walk-in Coolers Fit in Small Spaces?

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When specifying cold storage needs, walk-in coolers are the most efficient solution. But what if you have a tight floorplan and worried walk-in coolers may not fit in your small space?

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Businesses like dollar stores, convenience stores and other retailers offer a wide array of products that must be stored at different temperatures. With food and liquid, just a one-degree change can lead to devastating results in a store’s stock. Walk-in coolers and freezers offer maximum storage in a highly efficient way.

Before deciding on a walk-in, however, a retailer must understand what their cooling needs are, i.e., what is being stored, how much volume they will be using of each product, what the recommended temperature requirements of each product are, etc. While reach-ins may be a initial choice (depending on the storage needs), a walk-in is also an excellent option. Even when it comes to tight space constraints, walk-ins can be constructed as small as a 6’ x 6’ unit. These can be placed in a backroom alongside dry goods and operate efficiently with a self-contained refrigeration unit. KPS Global® provides a variety of options—from custom sizes and configurations or standard sized units—to meet the needs of your specific project, regardless of space size, big or small.

Considerations When Purchasing a Walk-in Cooler

Finding the right walk-in takes careful consideration, particularly for small spaces. Because no two businesses are the same, a thorough analysis should be performed before making the final decision. Among the top considerations for those operating in a tight space are:

  1. Do I need a walk-in cooler/freezer only, or a combo box?
  2. What are my size constraints?
  3. Do I have existing architecture or wiring to work with and can my provider create a custom design for me that conserves as much space as possible?
  4. What finishes would be consistent with the look and feel of my store?
  5. Does this walk-in provider provide shelving options that allow me to maximize my space?
  6. Does the provider offer installation/turnkey services?

These are only a few of the considerations to keep in mind when going through this process.

With each unit custom-built to your specifications and size limitations, KPS Global’s design and engineering services will guarantee the proper cold storage solution for your small space, including a variety of finishes for consistent branding or design themes, space optimizing shelving systems, doors tailored to both your business and space, various lighting options, and more. Further, KPS Global offers complete installation services managed by a designated project manager, and a team of field technicians across the country to ensure your small space walk-in performs for years to come.

KPS Global’s Ability to Design for Smaller and Unusual Spaces

As the largest provider of custom walk-ins to the convenience store, variety, supermarket and warehouse club retailers, KPS Global is uniquely qualified to handle the most customized installations in even the smallest of spaces.

KPS Global works with every customer—from spec to install—to understand the distinct challenges of each unique project. A vast selection of custom solutions can be navigated with a dedicated customer service team, which is part of what makes KPS Global the industry standard for walk-in coolers and freezers. Nothing is more important than the safety and quality of a store’s products, making the right walk-in cooler or freezer an essential part of a retailer’s success!

To learn more about KPSG’s custom walk-in solutions, click here.

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