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Refrigerated Warehouses: Choose Continuous Line Panels for an Effective Solution

Cold storage Panels
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Refrigerated warehouses play a key role in supply chain logistics ensuring contents from perishable foods to biopharmaceuticals retain the desired temperature. To keep refrigerated warehouses cool, continuous line panels are often a great option.

Challenges of Refrigerated Warehouses

When designing any refrigerated warehouse, challenges are inherent. First, there is the organization and distribution of goods, which is vital for a smooth supply chain. There are also large amounts of rotating stock and efficiency concerns about how to best build storage layouts.

The actual construction of refrigerated warehouses is complex as well. They require ceilings, structural support, an experienced designer, and an installation provider. Without a solid structure, these spaces won’t have a long, useful life, which is why many in the industry rely on continuous line panels. These panels have the necessary characteristics to fulfill many of the needs of refrigerated warehouses, including thermal efficiency and the ability to have a larger span than traditional panels without additional support (up to 45 feet).

Continuous Line Panels Are Ideal for Large-Scale Refrigerated Warehouses

Continuous line panels offer great advantages when building refrigerated warehouses due to their enhanced support and large size. They also have a high R-value, indicating that the material’s insulating abilities are effective. KPS Global offers a variety of panels with a variety of R-Values, which allows the user to select the appropriate solution to keep items in the warehouse at the appropriate temperature at the
most economical price.

The design and development of refrigerated warehouses is a huge endeavor; thus, it’s essential to choose the right panels. At KPS Global, we recommend continuous line panels for cold storage in large projects such as these. With our team, you can count on a turnkey solution, including general contracting, defining specifications, and installation. No matter the challenges you face in constructing a refrigerated warehouse, we have the experience and expertise to guide you.

Continuous Line Panel Options

We offer two types of continuous line panels, both of which perform well in refrigerated warehouse projects.

KOLDSPAN™: Featuring a lightly corrugated profile for a flattened appearance, these insulated metal panels are excellent for exterior and interior walls as well as ceiling applications. KPSG’s in-house design and engineering teams offer many custom solutions for this panel offering.
CLP Panels: These panels have an EPS styrene core which enables a farther span without the need for additional structural support. Cost-effective and suited for large-scale applications, these panels are lightweight and easy to install.

With continuous line panels, KPS Global can help you create a cold storage space that meets your unique needs. We’ll guide you every step of the way—from design to engineering to installation. We also offer field services to survey your site or address repairs. Think of us as the next partner for your next big cool idea.

Learn more today about how KPS Global can help you meet your cold storage goals with continuous line panels.

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