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KPS Global® is uniquely positioned to solve online grocery pickup solutions with a fully integrated solution. In-house design and engineering teams who design to specifications coupled with years of manufacturing cold storage solutions and installation experience, KPS Global allow retailers to leverage our expertise for their curbside solution. So the consumer’s ice cream stays frozen but their tomatoes aren’t! KPS Global’s experienced team of engineers can help you design solutions that make sense for your business. We understand how to integrate different temperature levels into a storage space—in a smart and convenient way. With manufacturing expertise, KPSG works seamlessly to design and create solutions for retailers.



Experience & Knowledge

  • Custom Solutions
  • In-house Design and Engineering Capabilities
  • Cold storage expertise
  • Technology partners for fulfillment solutions




  • Strategically located plants
  • Managed on common schedule
  • Regional or Nationwide Rollouts
  • One-store tests




  • Coordination and Logistics
  • Managed Turnkey
  • Single point of contact




  • Design and engineering teams
  • Technological fulfillment solutions
  • 3-4 week lead times



KPS Global with Bell and Howell Providing
Click and Collect Solutions

Click and Collect Industry Trend

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Retailers are solving the problem differently. KPS Global can solve the challenging cold storage requirements online grocery pickup presents.

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