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Choosing A Walk-In Cooler for Your Business Needs – What to Know

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If your business caters to perishable goods, be it a restaurant, brewery or flower shop, walk-in coolers are the best way to preserve your goods. With so many available on the market, however, it is essential that you choose only the best for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing a walk-in cooler for your business:
1 – Do you need custom units?

The very first thing you need to consider is your business needs. If there are any other types of businesses similar to yours, look into their strategies. What kind of products do they have, and are there any size constraints you may need to consider? Asking these questions will enable you to come up with an informed decision regarding your choices. If your needs cannot be met by a standard walk-in cooler unit, it may be best to look into having a custom walk-in cooler to work with your business specifications.
2 – Consider the location

As you ponder on which walk-in cooler is the best fit for your needs, consider the conditions that your walk-in cooler will be in. In other words, should these units be housed indoors or outdoors? Walk-in coolers placed outdoors call for extra considerations, although this choice can be highly valuable since you’ll be saving a considerable amount of space in your establishment. If your unit is inside, on the other hand, consider that it can cause your building space to be warmer, sometimes unbearably so.

While the outside walk-in cooler seems like the more plausible choice now, you will be required to shell out on extra costs, such as a concrete pad for your outdoor unit, as well as ensuring that your walk-in remains sealed and protected from outside elements. A walk-in cooler built inside your building could save on costs.

Although both of these pose respective pros and cons, your decision will ultimately depend on your needs.
3 – What’s your budget?

One obvious consideration is the price. Walk-in coolers are not going to be inexpensive, considering that they are large machines. As you ponder on choosing a walk-in cooler for your business, expect to pay a considerable sum. You should compare prices and features of each type of walk-in cooler.
4 – What should the capacity be?

How much space do you really need? Will you be storing hordes of meat and other ingredients, or will you simply be storing flowers? When buying a cooler, consider the capacity carefully. With this particular item, think beyond just yards and cubic feet. The shelving and storage space will be taken up by walkways, so how much of the area can actually be used for storage?
5 – Are there any warranties?

Walk-in coolers are designed to last for several years, especially if the maintenance schedules and needs are followed and the conditions match the design. As with anything, there will always be exceptions to the design. When something begins to go wrong, it’s best to be protected by a warranty. As you choose a walk-in cooler, ensure that your purchase comes with one.
6 – Ensure its durability

A walk-in cooler’s life expectancy is another crucial consideration you should never skip. Researching can only give so much, however, as every manufacturer will assure you of their product’s durability. To ensure that you receive the right amount of information before making a purchase, call around other companies that have similar products and ask for recommendations. It’s an investment, after all, one that should be regarded with extreme caution and smart decisions.

It’s undeniable that purchasing a walk-in cooler makes for a great investment. We hope that the quick guide above helps you choose the best option for you, one that lasts for the years to come.

If you’re looking for the best manufacturers of walk-in coolers, KPS Global is the way to go! We are a team of professionals dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and superior quality, and we know just what you need! Contact us now for more information!

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