Many ask “Can I convert my walk-in cooler into a walk-in freezer?”  While this seems like it might be a feasible idea, the reality is we do not advise doing so. Here are several reasons why this is not advised. Walk-in Freezers have specific features built into them which walk-in coolers do not have.

Elements in Walk-In Freezers

Walk-in freezers are engineered to maintain colder temperatures. Inherent in that design are heated doors. This serves several functions but mainly the heat in the door prevents the door from freezing shut.  It also prevents condensation from forming around door and pooling at the entry.

The DOE also sets requirements that need to be met. Coolers and freezers have different requirements. Accordingly, walk-in freezers typically have thicker walls to support the needed R-Value.

In addition, walk-in freezers typically have an insulated floor. Either an insulated concrete pad or a drop in floor. A walk-in cooler often does not have an insulated floor.

Can I convert a freezer to a cooler?

 I’m sure you are asking yourself if you can convert a freezer into a cooler. This process is much simpler and more feasible. The drop in floor will only help a walk-in cooler keep temp as will the additional wall thickness. The biggest action necessary would be to remove the heat from the door.


Cold storage solutions require a lot of engineering and careful design consideration. It is not advised that you convert walk-in coolers into walk-in freezers however you could convert walk-in freezers into walk-in coolers. For the best cold room solutions, check out our custom walk-ins at KPS Global.

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