Investing in florals at a retail location can be risky, but when done properly, beautiful bouquets can translate to tremendous payoffs. Floral product sales in the U.S. are estimated at $26.6 billion annually with Valentine’s Day alone bringing in 40% of all holiday floral revenue. Today, an increasingly significant challenge faced by floral retailers is the sector’s rapidly changing supply chains. In fact, in the United States, the majority of the flowers purchased each Valentine’s Day come from another country. The key to successfully shipping finicky florals is also the secret to keeping them beautiful in stores: temperature control.

The Cold Chain

As the floral market has changed, suppliers and sellers have invented new cost-saving strategies. The latest shipping method is the “cold chain“. With this technique, flowers stay in temperature-controlled settings from the field to the vase. This process allows some flowers to last up to 12 days before wilting. However, a vital part of this cold chain is the collaboration between companies. Growers, transporters, cold storage businesses, and retailers must all work together to bring high-quality floral products to the consumer.

Does Cooling Work?

Some retail managers feel the fuss over temperature control may be much ado about nothing. After all, addingcoolers to a chain of stores is no small feat or expenditure. However, the research shows that it pays off. The Hartford Florist supply found that the longer a flower remains cooled, the longer it retains its beauty. And ideally, roses and other blooms should stay between 33° and 35° Fahrenheit during their entire journey through the cold chain. This research proves the importance of controlling the temperature along the cold chain.

How KPS Global® Helps

A smart approach to florals can lead to big rewards for savvy retailers willing to make the investment. KPS Global offers custom solutions to retailers needing temperature-controlled environments. Below is a floral display KPSG designed inside a grocery store which showcases the complexity involved in designing for floral departments. With over 200 years combined senior leadership experience, KPS Global can make your next Valentine’s Day a huge success. Learn more about KPS Global today.

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