As we round out an unpredictable year, we find ourselves reflecting on what an amazing team we’ve built who can weather a crazy year like 2020 brought us. We are so grateful for the hard work and devotion of everyone at KPS Global.

Throughout the company, employees across every department work together to create the best-finished product imaginable. Let’s meet a few of the dynamic team members at our Piney Flats, Tennessee location. Piney Flats is our largest facility at over 205,000 sq feet and serves the East Coast primarily.

We Have Problem Solvers
George Creger, the Foam, Panel Finish and Stack Down Supervisor for Piney Flats, has worked with KPS Global for a little over four years. “One of my favorite things about the company is the daily challenges we face in production. I’m responsible for scheduling manpower and setting daily goals for each department,” George noted.

Maintenance Supervisor Chris Hall knows a thing or two about on-the-job problem solving. Hall has worked with KPS Global for 24 years. “My duties include ordering the bulk chemical for the Piney Flats facility. I also oversee the maintenance and repairs of the machines, as well as the ordering of the parts for each machine,” Hall said. “My favorite thing about working at KPS is the different challenges that are presented to me each day,” Hall shared.

Dennis Boone is also known around the office for being someone who thinks outside of the box and looks for new ways to do things daily.

We Have Carb Lovers
We don’t shy away from a good carb at KPS Global. If calories didn’t exist, George Creger knows what he would reach for more often.  “I do wish pizza had zero carbs. I do love a good Philly cheese steak pizza,” George said.  Hall votes for lasagna as his zero-calorie meal. Yum — where do we order?

They Have Some Cool Hobbies
Having such a large and diverse staff means that our team has some pretty interesting stories to share on Monday mornings. There are more employee hobbies than we can count, but we’ll highlight a few fun ones!

Travis Napier is a Front-End Supervisor, and he is a good historical reference for Piney Flats. He likes to hike, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Travis is also very good at Photoshop and, luckily, George enjoys being the subject of Travis’s abilities. All in good fun, of course!

Ron Sisk is a Second Shift Supervisor for Frame Skin and enjoys spending time on woodshop and metal projects. Another favorite Chris on staff, Chris Stiltner over in Foam, Panel Finish and Stack Down, is passionate about cars.

Hall happens to be an avid hunter and huge Pittsburg Steelers Fan. Who are we a fan of? Our amazing team, of course!

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