Regardless of the manufacturer of your walk-in, the KPSG field operations team is poised to deliver customized solutions specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each situation.  Our team of factory-trained technicians are stationed all across the United States for operations when time is of the essence. At KPS Global® we focus on the customer.

The Field Operations team is not a typical service team, but is responsible for a variety of troubleshooting and environmental considerations when it comes to walk-ins of any industry. They are an experienced group that is ready to tackle a variety of complex situations even in the case that a customer does not use KPS Global equipment.  Available to schedule a job at any day and any time, the KPS Global field operations team goes further by backing all workmanship with a 90-day warranty.

Valuing customers and delivering exceptional solutions with a can-do attitude has built a strong reputation for this team.  There are three key responsibilities that take place in the KPSG field operations department:

1. Complete Site Survey

Before repair or replacement work can begin, an on-site survey of the existing equipment must take place.  Whether KPSG equipment is involved or not, the field operations team has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate a variety of equipment types and environmental solutions.  Detailed measurements are recorded to understand the extent of repairs and the amount of replacement equipment required.  A smooth and successful field operation relies on this thorough equipment evaluation.

2. Troubleshooting Environmental Conditions

Truly understanding the environment in which the equipment operates is key to performance.  Our experienced technicians examine the equipment to diagnose issues such as condensation, ice, heater problems and joint separation.  By determining the operating  environment, a complete and customized solution can be designed which will be able to withstand the range of conditions while maintaining performance.

3. Installation of Replacement Parts

With a full site survey and analysis of the environmental conditions, an installation plan is produced.  The damaged equipment is removed and the repairs sites are prepped.  The field operations team then completes the necessary repairs and replaces the damaged equipment with KPSG panel parts and KPSG doors.  Next, the KPS Global technicians inspect the repairs and replacement parts to ensure the equipment will perform at its best.  This work is all backed by a KPSG 90-day labor warranty.

Experienced leaders on the KPSG field operations team, such as Mike Odle, are the foundation upon which these department has thrived.  As Odle explains, “It’s great to work for a company with leadership that supports its employees and offers those who perform well new opportunities.  The job is only as good as you make it, and for me, it’s pretty good.”  With 8 years of experience at KPSG and holding multiple contract licenses, Mike exemplifies the values of the field operations team by working with customers to understand their specific needs and ensure timely repairs and replacements.

“I am so proud of the team that is in place and the way they keep the four key elements – safety, respect, trust, and honesty – at the forefront of their mindset in everything they do,” says Tom Beatty, VP of Construction Services at KPSG.

KPS Global Field Operations has the expertise to solve even the most complex of issues.  Our crews of factory-trained technicians have an average of over 20 years of experience and are focused on delivering the best solution for each and every customer.  When equipment is experiencing issues, KPSG is ready to deploy field operations teams from its service hubs across the United States.  No matter which manufacturer has produced your cooler equipment, KPSG field operations can help understand the root cause behind the issue. 

Learn more about KPS Global field operations here!

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