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Are the Glass Doors on your Walk-in Cooler Sweating?

Condensation walk in cooler
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Anyone who has been to a convenience store or grocery may have seen sweat on the glass doors of walk-in coolers. It’s especially common when it’s hot and humid (55% or more humidity), but that’s not the only time it can occur. While using well-insulated panels and maintaining correct humidity controls is a good start to keeping your doors sweat-free but those are not the only reasons your doors may sweat.

What happens to cause glass “sweating”?

Condensation will occur when the temperature of a surface is lower than the dew point temperature. The dew point is the temperature at which water vapor condenses on a surface faster than it evaporates. The higher the humidity, the higher the dew point temperature.

Most of the time condensation occurs when there is a lower surface temperature outside the cooler or freezer. Airflow helps the water evaporate faster, preventing condensation.

In addition, glass is a poor insulator, which is why condensation occurs so often on glass doors. Condensation is more than an issue of aesthetics. Convenience stores in particular face condensation problems because the cooler doors are always opening. Thus, they need more humidity controls.

What can I do to avoid this?

Air flow helps prevent condensation, so avoid anything that will reduce the free flow of air.

It is important not to store your products against the unit walls. Make sure there’s a 2-inch gap to ensure air flow. This protects your product by keeping your unit in top working order.

Another solution is to avoid using sheetrock or tile on the face of your walk-in, as this removes the air gap. Instead, use paint grip metal finish for the exterior. This allows you to match the store’s design. Alternatively, use a wrap on the metal. These allow air flow, which is blocked by sheetrock and tile.

All of this is why it’s important when choosing your insulated glass doors to trust in KPS Global™ to deliver high-quality products. With an experienced team who ensure the right products are selected and the project is designed for the environment so you have a successful project.

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