Disrupting the status quo in a sector that has seen little to no innovation over the past 30 years, KPS Global® is excited to introduce FUSIONFRAME® to the industry! Insulated panels for walk-in coolers and freezers typically require framing, and historically, those frames have been made of wood. Wood has been a popular material due to cost and the structural support they provide. However, the R-value of wood is lower than that of foam, meaning it has low resistance to conductive heat transfer. With FUSIONFRAME®, KPSG delivers a patented frame system that features both the structural properties of wood-framed panels and the higher R-value of foam-framed panels.

What R-Value is and Why It’s So Important in Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

In general terms, R-value is a measure of how well a barrier resists the conductive flow of heat from the warmer to the colder surface under steady-state conditions. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance to heat transfer. When building freezers or walk-in coolers, it’s desirable to avoid materials that create opportunities for heat transfer, such as ordinary wood framing. FUSIONFRAME®, from KPSG, has 4 times the thermal performance of wood. In addition, KPSG uses closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation in their panels, not extruded polystyrene, or XPS, as some other manufacturers do. That’s because XPS only has an R-5 insulating value per inch of thickness, whereas polyurethane insulation offers up to R-8.06 per inch thickness—the highest R-Value of any insulation used in the industry!

FUSIONFRAME® Provides a Thermally Efficient Alternative to Wood Frames

FUSIONFRAME® is a high-performing polyurethane insulating tongue-and-groove component with a structural element embedded in it. This results in a framing system that increases walk-in unit R-values to a level that significantly reduces the rate of heat/humidity flow and condensation formation, while limiting issues affecting life-cycle performance that can plague traditional wood-framed systems. The key to the improved performance of this new panel-frame system is a method of construction that injects a closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation jacket around the structural member. The polyurethane is injected with a blowing agent that can form a rigid plastic, but only 3% of the material in the foam insulation is a solid. The other 97% consists of millions of miniscule air bubbles that have a blowing-agent gas inside them. These air bubbles are better able to resist the flow of heat compared to wood.

FUSIONFRAME® Offers a Number of Benefits

A traditional wood-frame system only offers an R-value of 6.25 in testing. However, KPSG’s recently introduced FUSIONFRAME® system provides an R-value of 29.30—more than four times higher—without sacrificing structural integrity. In addition, the new rails use a tongue-and-groove connection, fitting together more snugly at the joints than wood, thereby creating a seal that limits moisture vapor from entering the panel joint. Further, FUSIONFRAME’s innovative design also extends walk-in cooler and freezer lifecycles by eliminating condensation development and panel joint icing. And in tests, when compared to a 5-inch wood frame panel, a 5-inch FUSIONFRAME® insulated panel reduced heat gain through the freezer envelope by 50% while performing comparably in span tests. Enhancing energy efficiency for our eco-conscious customers, the FUSIONFRAME® system is an environmentally friendly solution, offering a significantly reduced carbon footprint when compared to its wood counterpart.

In short, FUSIONFRAME® combines the structural benefits of wood framing with the insulative properties of foam, delivering the best of both worlds for grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, big-box retailers, warehousing, and cold storage operations. KPS Global’s patented FUSIONFRAME® system is available from five strategically located facilities across the United States, and each order is custom-built to project-specific specifications. To find out more about FUSIONFRAME®, visit https://kpsglobal.com/fusionframe/