Employee Beth Wade Painting
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Almost two years ago, Beth Wade began working at KPS Global in a temporary position, but it wasn’t long before she was asked to join full time as the South East Account Manager. Her contributions to our team don’t go unnoticed, and she has a few surprises up her sleeve that she recently shared with us.

What Elements of Beth’s Role at KPS Global Does She Love?
There are good vibes all around, and Beth’s excitement for her job is infectious. “I love how versatile our product can be,” she said. “All the different people and all the different things they want to create or do is really cool to see, especially when you get to see a unique project come to life.”

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of her role as an account manager, Beth likes to stretch her creative muscles. One thing that most people don’t realize about Beth is that she has been painting since she was just 12 years old.

“Some people know I’m crafty, but they don’t know that I’ve been painting for over 20 years,” she shared. The image shared here is one of my favorites!

Behind the Employee
One of the things that makes our team at KPS Global unique is how diverse our staff is. Everyone has their own unique passions, interests and perspective to bring to the table.

KPSG: If you could make any food guilt-free, what would you choose?
Beth: Pizza!!!

KPSG: What concert as your favorite?
Beth: Favorite concert was a performance from the Trans-Siberian-Orchestra.

KPSG: You’ve got a free pass to meet anyone you want to. Who are you choosing?
Beth: If I had to choose one person to meet, living or dead, I would go for famous Aussie Hugh Jackman.

KPSG: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Beth: The German Advent Calendar. I am continuing the tradition with my family. “I always had one growing up from my Oma, and now I get to do it with my son,” Beth said.

After such a challenging year, we hope our employees have a special holiday season with their loved ones.

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